In 2022, 26 important events in Estonia will be depicted on postage stamps

Postage stamps that will be issued, depict important events and people in our country and society.
The first two postage stamps of the year will be issued on 6 January. In the series of postage stamps dedicated to Estonian churches, a postage stamp of St Mary’s Church in Tartu will be issued, as well as a postage stamp for the Beijing Winter Olympics in cooperation with the Estonian Olympic Committee. During the year, several other historical anniversaries will be depicted on our postage stamps, such as Johan Pitka 150, the Society of Estonian Literati 150, the Town Hall Pharmacy 600, the Tennis Association 100, the first mention of the Town Hall 700, and the Livonian Diet 600.
Postage stamps will also be issued to celebrate the beauty of Estonian nature: postage stamps are planned for the Eurasian woodcock, the curly birch, and the flying squirrel. A postage stamp specially designed for children will be issued for the International Day for Protection of Children, a charity postage stamp will be issued in September in cooperation with the Estonian Cancer Society, and a postage stamp with a very exciting special solution for raising road traffic safety awareness will be issued in November. Traditional Christmas stamps, the next postage stamp of the Gold Foundation of the Art Museum of Estonia, and several other postage stamps are also planned.

Plan for the issuance of Estonian postage stamps in 2022
Date                       Name of stamp                    
6 January            Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics                
6 January            Church – St Mary’s Church in Tartu                      
1 February          Chinese New Year – Year of the Tiger                      
16 February        Johan Pitka 150                          
17 March            Society of Estonian Literati 150                         
31 March            Bird of the Year – Eurasian woodcock             
8 April                 Town Hall Pharmacy 600                          
11 April                Estonian Tennis Association 100                          
21 April               Estonian Forest Trees – curly birch                       
5 May                 EUROPA – Stories and myths                    
19 May               Environmentally Friendly Postage Stamp                     
1 June                Children’s Stamp                     
9 June                Motor sailer Läänemaa              
7 July                 700th Anniversary of the First Written Record of the Town Hall            
25 August          Great Estonian Things                   
1 September     Livonian Diet 600                          
9 September     Estonian fauna – flying squirrel                  
16 September   Stamp for Charity – Estonian Cancer Society                   
23 September   Seasons                                                                                              
1 October          Postcrossing                                                                                       
20 October        Christmas                                                                                           
27 October        Lighthouse – Narva-Jõesuu Lighthouse            
1 November      Road Traffic Safety                    
17 November    Art – Gold Foundation of the Art Museum of Estonia                  
Pursuant to the rules of the Universal Postal Union (UPU), the theme and design of a postage stamp must be closely related with the cultural identity of the issuing country, help spread culture and peace, be free of politics, and must not be offensive towards a person or a country.
When it comes to anniversaries or events, stamps usually celebrate major milestones such as 100, 125, 150, etc. Postage stamps of living persons are normally only in case of presidents and Olympic medalists.

The postage stamp plan can also be found in the e-shop of Omniva.


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