Omniva will issue postage stamp block Seasons

This Thursday, 19 May, Omniva will issue a postage stamp block called ‘Seasons’ composed of four stamps. The stamps feature flowers symbolising the four seasons.

The stamps were designed by Triin Heimann and printed in the printing house Vaba Maa. The edition size of the stamps is 25,000 and the nominal price is 4 × 0.90 euros, which means that one stamp can be used for sending letters within Estonia. The postage stamp block and the first-day cover will be sold in the e-shop of Omniva and in post offices all across Estonia. The first day stamp will be used at the Toompea post office at 4 Lossi plats, Tallinn.

There are four very distinct seasons in Estonia. The arrival of each season is signalled by the beautiful flowers that we expect to bloom every year. Galanthus or snowdrop is a genus of plants in the Amaryllidaceae family. The natural growing area of the snowdrop is from Europe to West Asia, it blooms in early spring and symbolises a clean and hopeful spring. The corn chamomile (A. arvensis) is a plant species belonging to the genus Anthemis in the aster family. The corn chamomile is often confused with the ox-eye daisy. The corn chamomile grows as a shrub with many stems, but the ox-eye daisy is usually a single plant. In addition, the corn chamomile has a higher number of capitula because they are smaller. Aster (Aster L.) is a genus of herbaceous plants belonging to the order Asterales in the family Asteraceae. The name Aster comes from the Ancient Greek word ?óôÞñ, which means 'star' and refers to the shape of its inflorescence. Some asters bloom for a long time and are one of the last blooming flowers in autumn. The snowberry (Symphoricarpos) is a genus of plants in the honeysuckle family. The plant grows as an ornamental shrub in gardens and parks in Estonia. Its beautiful white berries ripen in the fall and last well into winter.
In 2022, Omniva will release dozens of stamps to celebrate dignified occasions and people in our country and society.


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