The Bird of the Year stamp will be released on the last day of March

On Thursday, 31 March, Omniva will release a Bird of the Year stamp in collaboration with the Estonian Ornithological Society.

The stamp is designed by Vladimir Taiger and it was printed at the printing house Vaba Maa. The stamp’s print run is 25,000 pieces and its nominal value is 0.9 euros, which is suitable to be sent in Estonia. The stamp, the first-day cover, and the maximum card will be available at the Omniva e-shop and at post offices across Estonia. The first-day stamp is in use in Tallinn, at the Toompea post office, 4 Lossi plats.

The Eurasian woodcock is relatively large wader bird living in our forests. The bird has largely black and brown feathers and relatively short legs in terms of waders. The Eurasian woodcock has excellent camouflage and a secretive lifestyle, making any rare meeting with it in our forests during the daytime a random occurrence. Only in spring, during the mating season, can male birds be seen more often while on their territorial flights at dusk.
The Estonian Ornithological Society was founded on 1 May 1921. For more than a hundred years, the society has contributed to researching, protecting, and raising awareness about our birds. Today, the Estonian Ornithological Society with its more than 600 members is one of the largest nature conservation organisations in Estonia and the cooperation partner of BirdLife International, an international bird conservation organisation. The union continues to stand for the well-being of Estonian birds.
The Estonian Ornithological Society has been selecting the Estonian Bird of the Year since 1995. The Eurasian woodcock is the twenty-eighth Bird of the Year (eoy.ee/metskurvits). The first stamp in the Bird of the Year series was released in 2001 on the initiative of the Estonian Ornithological Society, and the stamp featured the Northern lapwing.
In 2022, Omniva will release dozens of stamps to celebrate dignified occasions and people in our country and society.




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