The innovative anniversary Song Festival stamp launches today

Today, Omniva issues a special series of stamp products to mark the 150th anniversary of the first song festival, which consists of a singing song festival souvenir sheet printed on cotton material and a philatelic numismatic cover (PNC) featuring the souvenir sheet and a 2-euro song festival commemorative coin issued by the Bank of Estonia. In addition, an exclusive Song Festival postcard will be on sale. It will be available only at the festival and in Omniva’s online store.
All products can be purchased from the Omniva tent near the Oru gate at the song festival. Everyone enjoying the event via television or internet broadcast can order the stamp online.
According to the author, artist Indrek Ilves, the souvenir sheet depicts the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds familiar to all Estonians. “This place is a symbol that every Estonian knows. It has played an important role in the restoration of Estonian independence and the continuity of cultural traditions. The linen and cotton fabric is the same as used for Estonian folk costumes and inspired by this, the souvenir sheet is also printed on cotton material,” Ilves said.
Scanning the stamp with the special CEE mobile application, everyone can listen to the song “Mu isamaa on minu arm”.
The face value of the Laulupidu 150 souvenir sheet is 10 euros. It is additionally available in a birch plywood gift box made by an Estonian manufacturer for a price of 15 euros. The philatelic numismatic cover (PNC) featuring the souvenir sheet and the 2-euro song festival commemorative coin are the same price.
In total, 20,000 Laulupidu 150 souvenir sheets were printed, 2500 of these are in the gift boxes and 2500 on the envelopes with the commemorative coin.
The philatelic products can be ordered in advance in the Omniva e-store http://pood.omniva.ee/laulupidu starting 17 May. All products will be issued today, on 5 July, and pre-ordered items will ship on 8 July.
In addition, we invite everyone to the Omniva tent at the song festival itself at the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds from 5-7 July, where the exclusive song festival postcard will be on sale along with the stamp for sending anywhere in the world. The card will be on sale at the song festival only during the song festival, and through Omniva’s online store at www.pood.omniva.ee.
Scented Christmas stamps and the silver stamp have caused a buzz among the people and show that innovation is possible even in a traditional field such as postal services.


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