Estonian Post launches subscription based service for stamp enthusiasts

In the past the acquisition of new stamps has taken place behind the counters of post offices or via online store, however from June people have the opportunity to place a standing order to get new philately products automatically to their personal mailbox.
"The standing order is intended for those who want to receive all the stamps and philatelic products that appear during the year comfortably at home," said Marili Tammaru, Head of Postage and Merchandise at Eesti Post. According to Tammaru, standing order philatelic products can be ordered either clean or stamped. "In addition, we add the postage stamp information cards as a gift to all the subscribers," Tammaru added.
A subscription can be made for a specific period and also based on a specific theme or product category, such as history, flora / fauna or Christmas. In this case, only the products of the selected topic reach the subscriber's mailbox.
How to place a standing order?
An Omniva online store account (https://pood.omniva.ee/en/) is required to place a standing order. If the customer does not have it, it can be created online immediately. Then fill in the standing order form by selecting:
• The order period (month, quarter, half-year, year) during which you want to receive new products to your mailbox.
• The topic or topics of the products you want to receive.
• Product categories, such as stamps, sheets, first-day envelopes, and more
• Quantities, how many copies per product are desired
• Preferred delivery method - either by mail, parcel locker or courier home.
• And finally, it is possible to add your credit card details or pay with a bank link at the end of the selected period when the order invoice is sent to the customer.
Standing orders and information about orders for the period can be viewed under customers e-store account. In addition, customers do not need to make a new standing order every year - the standing order is valid until they decide to terminate it themselves.
A standing order can be placed anywhere in the world. You can also get more detailed information about standing orders by writing to [email protected].



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