How to advertise?

  • FIND NEW CUSTOMERSTo reach new customers you can choose from two opportunities. We can send direct mail as many people as possible or according to the campaign purpose to chosen target group.
  • COMMUNICATING WITH CURRENT CUSTOMERS With our help you can send personal direct mail to customers in your data base. If necessary, we organise your data base and add new contacts.

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The principles of data processing can be found HERE.

  • Organising your data base Organise your database with our help. We help you create publications in different sizes and amounts. If necessary, you can order additional services.
  • PRINTING SERVICESSave on time and order printing for advertisements and mailing from the same location. With our help you can create prints in different formats and amounts. On request we also offer additional services.

Direct mail is an effective way of introducing your products and services.

  • Personal – advertising reaches people in the most personal of places, at their home

  • Targeted – advertising reaches a specific target group and location, making the message even more personal

  • Real – direct mail reaches real people and may stimulate all senses, thereby creating more emotion

  • Measurable – the results are easy to measure by paid-reply coupons or codes

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