Printing services

Printing package of letter services
We print, adsress, place into envelope and add the additional sheet
  • Offer services of single sided printing/duplex printing, colour, black and white printing

  • Place into the envelope manually and automatically

  • Add additional sheets and material manually and automatically

  • Presort mail electronically as well as manually
Good to know!
  • To post mails comfortably and in a fast way, order service of writing addresses to the letters and to place them into envelopes automatically.

  • When placing letters into the envelopes automatically, up to seven sheets and three extra materials can be placed at once
Printing package of advertising services
Print, address, place into the envelopes

Advertising with an address
Print and type advertising material according to your wishes. Save time and place advertising also in envelopes or pack the advertisement and add the address.

Advertising without the address
Print a memorable and a catchy advertisement. You can choose between papers with different shapes and texture
  • Choose a suitable material for printing and your advertisements will be truly remarkable. If pictures are essential, choose shiny and coated paper.

  • Make your advertisements memorable using our help when lamination, binding, numbering or folding

  • Advertisements with distinctive shapes catches the eye and receives more attention

  • When choosing a format of the imprint, follow the posting requirements
Printing services of the press
We address, laminate, add an extra sheet and assemble

We address and laminate magazines, address will be printed to the laminat or add an address label. If necessary, add different materials and product samples in specific pages of magazines.
Good to know!
  • To post magazines quickly and comfortably, order the service of printing an address to magazines. For this reason, save an area with a light colour to the back cover of the magazine.

  • If you wish to laminate the magazine, the best method is to print an address to the laminat immediately. The laminat protects magazines for damage.

We complete extra work within 3 working days in the amount of 1–5,000 items from the receipt of the order and/or receipt of the materials. In the case of larger amounts, please agree with your account manager on the completion time.

We also do express deliveries:
  • 24 hours from the receipt of the order and/or receipt of the materials
  • Valid for amounts up to 5,000 items
  • Fee €99 + VAT + additional services

For the address, we require a database as an Excel file in the form below:

Printed files in the PDF and/or DOC format are necessary for printing

Materials for extra work can be brought to the address 28 Pallasti or sent with a courier. A delivery notice must be attached to the materials.

Pallasti 28, 10001 Tallinn, e-mail: [email protected] Customer information: 661 6616