Services we mediate

  • SALES SERVICE Offer your products and services in our post offices – this way you can use the widest private customer network in Estonia.
  • ACCEPTING PAYMENTS Divert your customers to make payments in our post offices – this way you can focuse on your principal activity.
  • Identity verification Give us authorization that the user data in same as the data you have transferred to us. In this way you will reduce the risk of fraud.
  • DIGITIZEChange your paper documents in an electronic form. To use your data easier, we identify data both paper and electronic documents.
  • PRINT SERVICESNotify us if you need to produce printed matter. With our help it is possible to produce printed matters different amount and measurements.
  • DATA SERVICESOrganize and manage your data base with our help. We help you create and manage high quality data bases, which could be one of the most imporant asset of the organization.

It is possible only within few minutes to send money from one post office to another.

Pallasti 28, 10001 Tallinn, e-mail: [email protected] Customer information: 661 6616