Cash cards

With a cash card you could send cash from one post office to another only within a few minutes. We accept only euros in the post office and you could send up to 1000 euros a day.

When sending a cash card, it is possible to determine the method recipient receives the money:
  1. From the post office on the demand of the recipient
    We pay the cash card out to the recipient on his/her demand and do not notify the recipient seperately
  2. With a notification
    Send the recipient an SMS, e-mail or a written notice when the card has arrived
  3. Paid delivery
    Cash card shall be delivered to the recipient

Money shall be issued to the recipient or to the authorized person on the grounds of personal identification card against a signature. If the recipient receives a notification, then the recipient has the opportunity to order the card at home and to pay for its delivery.
When to use the cash card service?
  • A family member, friend or an acquaintance is in urgent need of cash
  • There is no pank office or ATM, but is a post office
  • It is not possible to use a bank account
  • You do not need the recipient’s bank account
  • Buy or sell something and be sure of the operation of the transaction , but do not wish to make an advace payment
    Buying-selling with the cash card
Advantages of the cash card
  • Fast
    Cash card is in the post office ready for issuing only after few minutes the cash card has been sent
  • Comfortable
    The recipient of the cash card can turn to a suitable post office to withdraw the money
  • Easy
    The cash card service does not require the availability of bank account, but the money can be sent also to a bank account
  • Safe
    The cash card delivery is registered and the money withdrawl will be checked on the grounds of personal identification card.
Good to know
  • When filling the cash card form, avoid corrections, mistakes and overwriting the text
  • Write a recipient’s name on the cash card to avoid problems in the same method as the recipient’s documents
  • When sending the cash card you can order a notification about it’s withdrawl by an e-mail or SMS.

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