What do we offer to publishers?

If there are subscribers, submit us the addresses and we deliver your publications to the recipients. Post office or postman accept their order ourselves. Use additional services ment just for publishers.
Solutions ment for our publishers, enter into business client frame contract. Business client frame contract is available for signing in the self-service.

How do your publications reach to clients?

We agree upon time and location you can hand publications over for us to deliver.

Generally we deliver publications to the recipients within 2 work days. With us, your newspapers and magazines will be delivered as maxi letters to all countries in the world.

To deliver publications as fast as possible, deliver them to us with necessary labels and instructions to sort and pack.Correct postal codes to postal zones and post exchange points are available in our table.


If you receive an order from a client yourself, choose the best method to transfer data to us. You can choose from three options.
  1. Submitting automatic orders
    If you wish to save time, transfer us the orders quickly and conveniently with automatic data change
  2. Submitting orders with a file
    Instead of submitting each order to e-service one by one, you can send information about numerous orders at once in a structured file.
  3. Publishers' e-service
    The less expensive method to submit orders is in the e-service for publishers.

In the publishers' e-service you can submit and manage delivery orders. You can also make statements about the data of subscribers, sorting tabels and statement of different post offices. To create user account of the e-service, turn to your customer manager.

How to receive orders?

If there is no ordering center to your publishing, we accept your orders from customers. We deliver newspapers and magazines also to other countries.

In order we could mediate orders, give us the following data about every magazine:
  • Name of the publication
  • Publication frequency
  • Ordering price of the publication corresponding to its ordering period
  • Approximate weight of the publication
  • Form – e-catalog or paper catalog

How to make your business more efficient?

If necessary, you can choose suitable additional services that saves time and cost.
  1. Receiving material frome the printer shop
    It is not necessary to worry about logistics, we will collect the printing materials ourselves
  2. Forwarding
    Leave publication delivery to us and do not waste time on sorting.
  3. Delivery service
    Deliver publications to us in a suitable delivery center and save money ant time on transport.
  4. Assembling
    If necessary, we add advertising materials and extra sheets between your publications.
  5. Assembling publications for sending them to another country
    We will send your publications to another country. We will place them in an envelope, add recipients and address data and place a stamp on a package. We collect a week full of newspapers and magazines and send them at once.
  6. Printing services
    We print advertisements and product introductions in your publications. In addition to this, laminate your publications, add recipients addresses and data. Also laminate add recipients and address data.
  7. Advertising services
    Advertise and introduce your publications in our magazine order catalogue, which the subscribers can study in all post offices or with the help of a postman. We help you think of and implement sales campaigns and sales competitions of postmen. It is also possible to advertise your publications in the advertising spaces of post offices.

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