Loss or damage of parcel

What to do when the parcel has not arrived?

If the parcel which you have sent has got lost or is late, then make an application for your parcel to be searched for.

You may make your application right here at our e-service or you may hand it in at the post office. Make a separate application for each parcel.
Search request with the e-service
To the written search request, also add the receipt for the postal consignation and confirm it with your signature. If you make your search request on the internet, then you need to present the receipt only, if we ask you to do so.

As a business customer you may refer to your customer service agent, who will give you further instructions.
How much time do you have for making an application?

The application with the search request needs to be made within six months from the date that the postal consignment has been sent out by mail. In case of an international postal consignment, make the application, after the item has not arrived at its destination within a month’s time.

  • EMS courier – within 4 months after the postal consignment was sent out
  • Courier Baltic - within 10 days after the postal consignment was sent out
  • Courier Europe to Finland - within10 days after the postal consignment was sent out
When will you receive an answer from us?
  • With regards to domestic postal consignments we will answer within 10 days after the application was made.
  • With regards to international postal consignments we will reply to an application for a search request within 2 months after the application was made.

If during this time period, it is not possible to provide a sufficient answer, we will send you an intermediate response and we will send a final reponse within one month’s time.

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