Activities with the customs - receiving parcel

If you receive a parcel from a non-EU country, it needs to be registered at the customs. We will help you to do this, i.e. to present the required declaration to the customs and to pay the fees.

If you order merchandise from non-EU countries, you need to be prepared to have to pay import fees like, for example, VAT and tax duty as well as charges for the registration of the declaration.

There are no fees for parcels with a small value.

  1. Exemption from VAT
    Exemption from VAT will apply, if the value of a parcel sent to you by an incorporated enterprise is less than 21.98 Euros or, in case the parcel was sent by a private person, less than 45 Euros.
  2. Exemption from duty
    No customs duty needs to be paid, if the value of the parcel is less than 150 Euros – no matter, whether it was ordered from an internet shop or whether a friend sent you a gift.

For parcels containing alcohol, perfume, eau de toilette or tobacco products customs duty needs to be paid in any case.

How much do you have to pay?
  • VAT is usually 20%
    In general, VAT consists of 20% of the statistic value of the goods. Some merchandise groups are taxed differently, for example books, for which the VAT is 9%. VAT also needs to be paid on the costs of transportation.
  • Customs duty is 0–17%
    Depending on the goods, the customs duty will consist of 0–17%. Customs duty will be added to a postal consignment, if its value exceeds 150 Euros and it will be different for each product.
    Customs duties, in accordance to the commodity codes, are provided in the list of Estonian Customs Tariffs (ETT)
  • Service charges
    When using our service for customs declaration, you will have to pay service charges according to our pricelist. Customs clearance pricelist
Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein are not members of the EU. Additional payment of VAT needs to be expected upon the receipt of a parcel from an autonomic region within the European Union. Autonomic regions
Service of clearing formalities

The service of clearing formalities may also be used without having concluded a contract with us.

Pricelist for customs clearance
  1. Upon the arrival of a parcel for you which requires clearance formalities, we will register the declaration for you. Usually the clearing formalities take 1-3 working days.
  2. If we need additional information for the declaration, we will send you an e-mail and ask you for the missing documents: invoice, evaluation by the State Agency for Medicines or the confirmation of conformity by the Office of Technical Inspection.
  3. You may pick up your parcel at the post office or it may be delivered to you by courier. You may also pick up your parcel at our customer service department at Pallasti 28 in Tallinn. If you wish to pick up your parcel by yourself, then let us know in due time. Upon the delivery of your parcel, you may pay the service charge for the customs clearance and the import fees.
Services of customs agency

If your business activity is related to international business and you will often receive postal consignments from non-EU countries, then use the service of our customs agency. For this purpose, conclude a contract with our customs agency


The service of the customs agency includes:

  • filling out of export and import declarations and registering of them at the customs
  • payment of import fees to customs
  • filling out of the declaration of customs value
  • services related to warehousing at the customs terminal
  • presentation of the INTRASTAT report

In order to find out more about the terms and conditions of this contract, refer to your customer service agent or send us an e-mail at the address of [email protected]

If you wish to do customs clearance for your parcel by yourself

If you want to, you may also do the customs clearance for your parcel by yourself, and after that you will just forward the customs declaration to us. Thus you will save on service charges; however, since the procedure of the customs clearance is quite complicated, you may lose much time with it. More about options for customs declaration

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