Our pricelist for customs declaration

If you use our service for customs declaration, you will have to pay service charges, too.

Service Price (including VAT)
Gift parcel sent by private person (45 to 700 €) 6.50
Commercial consignation with a value of up to 150 € (basic form) 9.00
Commercial consignation with a value of more than 150 € (basic form) 15.00
Additional form for commercial consignment 3.55
Registration of export or import declaration (basic form) (for business customers) 15.83
Special service offer for commercial consignments – if the import duty of the commercial consignment is lower than the service charge for the commercial consignment (up to 9,00 €) 4.85
Registration for storage at the customs terminal warehouse 23.02
Express service – service for preferred order twice the regular price

Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein are not members of the EU. Additional payment of VAT needs to be expected upon the receipt of a parcel from an autonomic region within the European Union.

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