When the letter is lost or damaged

What shall I do if the letter has not arrived?

First, look if you can find your letter in our mail

If the letter that you have sent has been lost or delayed, submit an application for searching the letter. You can search registered mail only. The application can be submitted either here in the e-service or at a post office. Submit a separate application for each letter.
Follow-up search application here

Add the receipt of the postal item to the written application and confirm with your signature. You have to add the receipt to an application submitted via the Internet only if we have required it.

As a business customer you can contact your customer manager to get further instructions.
How long is the time to submit an application?

The application for follow-up search has to be submitted within six months after posting the shipment. As for an international shipment, you have to submit an application in 10 days after average delivery time in case the shipment has not arrived yet.
When do we reply?
  • As concerning domestic shipments, we reply within 10 working days of the date of submission of the application.

  • As concerning the application for searching an international shipment we reply within two months of the date of submission of the application

If it is not possible to give a comprehensive answer within that period, we will send you a written intermediate response and the final reply shall be sent within one month.

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