Additional services – registered maxi letter

Bilateral mail service

Mail shipments are collected and delivered at the designated place and/or time agreed with the customer, once per a working day. Ordinary letters, registered letters or insured mail and EMS and parcel shipments, the weight of which does not exceed 3 kg, are received from the customer. EMS or parcels shall not exceed a total weight of 30 kg per customer.
One can choose between 3 packages:
  • Company Package

    service time between 10:00 to 16:00.

  • Commercial Building Package

    The mail will be taken to a certain place in a commercial building and collected at the same location (e.g., the front desk) between 10:00 to 16:00. The service is open to all companies in the commercial building and the contract will be awarded to the house manager.

  • VIP Package

    collecting and delivery of the postal at the time chosen by the customer within one-half hour precision (between 7:00 to 18:00). The customer will also be delivered the EMS and parcel shipments.

Notice of delivery

When posting a registered letter, the sender can order a notice of delivery, i.e. a delivery confirmation. Confirmations are sent on paper, to e-mail address and/or mobile phone (SMS – message). A notice of delivery provides the sender with detailed overview of the time the shipment was received and by whom. If necessary, it is later possible to identify the exact time and place of the receipt of the letter.
To order a notice of delivery:
  • Without a bill of delivery

    Add the mobile phone number and/or e-mail address to the sender's address. Make a statement at the top centre or at the top corner below the sender address indicating to what kind of a notice of delivery is desired (e.g., an SMS to the sender and/or an e-mail to the sender).

  • With a bill of delivery

    note saatelehele the mobile phone number and/or e-mail address to the sender's address to communicate the handing over of the shipment. Make a statement indicating to what kind of a notice of delivery is desired – at the top centre, or in case there is not enough space for it, at the top corner below the sender address.

Printing + addressing + enveloping + adding an additional page
  • Printing on both sides in black-and-white or in color.
  • Machine enveloping and manual enveloping.
  • We can add an additional sheet or other materials (brochures, maps, small items, etc.) with the machine and manually.
  • We presort mail electronically as well as physically.

The quickest and most effective way to carry out the work is to print the address to the letter itself and envelope it with the enveloping machine into a windowed envelope. In machine enveloping, one can add up to 7 sheets in and envelope, and three additional materials (invitation, brochure, flyer, etc).


If you send a valuable item, we recommend you to insure the shipment. Insurance shall guarantee our compensation for the loss of or damage to the shipment to the extent of the value you have declared. The insurance fee is always 1% for a domestic shipment and 10% for an international shipment of the value declared by the sender.

The maximum declared value of the domestic shipment can be up to 4,500 euros and 4000 for the international shipment, but may not exceed the actual value of the contents. When sending an international shipment you must first make clear whether insured shipment are permitted in the destination country and in what amount.

Additional contents list shall be drawn up in two copies, listing the items included in the shipment, and their monetary value. One copy of the registered content list shall be included in the shipment, and the second copy shall remain to the sender.

Posting small items

If you would like to send client cards, candy (e.g., chocolate), and other small items, Estonian Post can assist you with packing and posting the shipment. For that you need to take the contents to Estonian Post, or our courier service can take the contents at your place.

In case you want to track on the web the postal route of your small items, such as loyalty cards, please contact your sales manager. We can also provide an overview about ordinary letters.

To subscribe to the service, please contact your customer manager.

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