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Returning of parcel

When ordering goods from Internet or mail order shops you might find yourself wanting to return the parcel. Familiarize yourself with return terms already when purchasing the item. It is important to know who will pay the return costs.

How to return items bought from Estonia?


Several Estonian mail order shops and online stores allow free returns. If the seller does not offer a free return option, return costs must be paid by the Addressee.

How to return a parcel with a return code?
  • Parcel notification by text or e-mail usually also includes a return code. This will allow you to retune the parcel free either through parcel terminal or postal office. Parcel can be returned free via both parcel terminal or postal office irrespective of if it was retrieved from a parcel terminal, postal office or delivered by a courier.

  • Returned parcel must have its address card attached. If you are returning the parcel via parcel terminal, the terminal will print out a new address card. Attach it to the parcel.
How to return a parcel without a return code?
  • If you did not receive a return code with parcel notification but the Seller still allows free returns, the parcel can only be returned via postal office. In such case the parcel must have its original address card attached.

  • There is no need for attaching a new address card. If the package has been broken, the original address card can be cut off and attached to the new package.

How to return a parcel bought from a foreign country?

When returning a parcel to a foreign seller, return costs are usually paid by the Addressee. Reimbursing terms for such costs usually vary by online shop. For example, Amazon expects the parcel to be returned economically and will reimburse return costs if the item was returned due to their mistake. Some online shops in Great Britain, Netherlands and Germany are now accepting free returns.

Contact the seller for details on packaging and addressing the parcel.

How to return a parcel received from outside of European Union?
  • If the parcel has been sent from outside of European Union, you can request for the VAT and customs duty paid when retrieving the parcel to be returned. Submit an application for annulling the declaration either in a digitally signed form by using e-mail emta@emta.ee or on paper at the closest customs office

  • When returning the parcel you must carry out same customs formalities as when sending a parcel to a foreign country
How to refuse from accepting a parcel?

If you already know when that you do not wish to accept a parcel when receiving a parcel notification then just don't go to pick it up. After storage deadline has passed, the parcel will be returned to Sender. When a courier calls you can notify them that you do not wish to accept the parcel and it will be immediately returned to Sender.

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