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How to receive a letter

How to send an ordinary letter?
  1. To the mailbox
    An ordinary letter is delivered to the mailbox by a mailman.
  2. On demand
    If you do not have a mailbox, or for any other reason you would like to get your shipment at the post office, ask the sender to send you a letter stating “on demand”. You can also order from us the on-demand service, or redirection of shipments yourself. You receive on-demand shipment at the post office. You will not be noticed about the arrival of letters separately, you will receive all the on-demand letters at a time, if you ask them at the post office.
  3. PO box or a personal locker
    If you do not want to receive mail to your address, and would not like to queue at the post office to ask for on-demand letters, you can order the letters to the post office to your own PO box (a personal locker). You can enter into the contract at all the post offices where PO box service is provided.

    You can order a PO box from one month to one year. Information about vacant PO boxes is provided at the post office that have the boxes. You get the key to the box at the post office, as well.
How to receive a registered letter?

Receiving a registered letter or procedure documents requires confirmation with your signature that proves the reception of the letter. Registered letters are delivered to the address noted on the letter and handed over upon the signature. If a delivery fails, you can receive the consignment at the post office.

If you cannot go the post office to receive the letter, you can redirect it once for free to another post office. A registered letter is delivered to a person authorized by the company. If the sender has requested “delivery in person”, then the authorization is not valid.
How to receive a registered e-letter?

We will send a link to the e-mail of the company that provides the access to the sent document after having given a digital signature. A registered e-letter can be received by a person who is authorized by the company to receive registered e-letters.

You can give a digital signature with your ID card or Mobile-ID. If you would like the e-letter made accessible to others, download it from the e-service. Later on, the sent e-letter can be accessed through the link only by the person who opened the letter first.

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