Addressing and packaging

Write the correct address and zip code on your letter, so it reaches the right person as soon as possible. Avoid crossing words when writing an address.
A correctly written address shall include:
  • the name (the first and last name of a natural person or legal entity name);
  • the street, the number of the house and the number of the apartment, outside of the cities and towns we need the name of the farm;
  • the name of the village and the municipality;
  • zip code (the last line before the name of the city or the county);
  • the city or the county;
  • the country (international consignment)

Aadressi kirjutamine ümbrikule
Good to know
  • An address must be written in Latin letters and Arabic numerals.
  • The name of the country of destination must certainly be written in English or French.
  • Do not use abbreviated names, initial codes, numbers or characters that are not internationally recognized.

Aadressi kirjutamine ümbrikule
How to write an address on a letter on demand?

If you do not know the exact address of the recipient, you can address your mail to the private person to a post office upon request. The consignment addressed on demand shall have the following data:
  • the name (the first and last name of a natural person);
  • the note “On demand”;
  • the name of the destination post office;
  • zip code, the city or the county.

Aadressi kirjutamine ümbrikule
If the recipient uses the number of the cabinet as his/her address, write the address like this:

Aadressi kirjutamine ümbrikule

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