Application for receiving ads or to stop receiving ads

Fill in this form if you wish to receive unaddressed commercial material in the future or if you want to stop receiving it. Only the user of the mailbox can decide to stop receiving ads (the manager of the housing association cannot make this decision for them).

Unaddressed commercial material does not include public information sent by the state or local government or advertisements addressed to you – these will be delivered to your mailbox in the future as well.

The sticker will be delivered to your mailbox within 10 business days after submitting the application. Once you have received the sticker, place it at a visible spot on your mailbox. This way mail carriers will know that you do not wish to receive unaddressed commercial material in your mailbox.

If you wish to receive advertisements again, remove the “No ads” sticker from your mailbox and, if possible, notify Omniva of your mail address by calling the customer service number 661 6616 or by sending an email to [email protected].


For information about the processing of personal data, see the AS Eesti Post Principles of Processing Customer Data, which are available here

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