Storing times

7 days
Storage deadlines for parcel MACHINES

Parcels will be held in storage for 7 days. Before reaching the storage deadline, we will notify you by text. If you will not retrieve your parcel within the set storage deadline, it will be returned to the sender. Return costs will be paid by the sender.

15 days
Storage deadlines for post offices

You have 15 days to pick up your parcel from a post office. Items addressed for pickup on demand and parcels supervised by the customs will be kept in the postal office for 30 days. Parcel notification also includes information concerning its storage deadline.

If you will not be able to pick up the parcel within the storage deadline, it can be extended for some parcels for up to two months. Submit your request for extending the storage deadline either by mail or e-mail. Storage deadline can also be extended by the sender. Storage fee must be paid by the recipient for extended storage time.

After the storage deadline has been reached, parcel will be returned to the sender.

7 days
Storage deadlines for courier deliveries

In the case of failure to contact the receiver to agree upon the time of delivery, the courier package will be taken for storage to a parcel machine or post office. We will also notify you of such actions by text and you will have 7 days to retrieve the parcel. If you will not pick up the delivery within the storage deadline it will be returned to the sender. On such occasion, the sender must also pay return and storage costs.

If you notify us that you will not be able to retrieve the parcel from the post office within seven days, we can extend the storage deadline of a courier package by up to one month.  In such case you will be required to pay a storage fee that will be charged from the eight day of the storage deadline to the day the parcel was picked up.

A cumbersome parcel (incl. a parcel weighing more than 30 kg) is not sent to a post office or a parcel machine. A cumbersome parcel is stored at the local delivery centre for 7 days from the date of its arrival.

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