How to receive a parcel

Parcel terminals are open every day – day and night.

You can retrieve your parcel by entering a personal door code, which will be sent to you either by text or e-mail. After entering the correct code, the locker will open and you will be free to collect your parcel.

If you do not pick up the parcel within seven days, it will be returned to the sender.
  1. After receiving a notifying text or e-mail, go to your nearest parcel terminal.
  2. Choose a language by using the touchscreen, and then press ‘Receive parcel’.
  3. Enter the door code sent to you by text or e-mail.
  4. If the sender had requested identification, identify yourself using your ID card.
  5. If it is a ‘cash on delivery’ parcel, pay the required fee by using your bank card.
  6. Take the parcel from the locker.
  7. Please note! Close the door and confirm that you have received the parcel by pressing ‘Confirm’ on the touchscreen.
  8. If you have paid for the delivery, you can also print a receipt if you wish.
Parcel terminal demo
  • If you wish to familiarise yourself with the screen views of the parcel terminal before collecting your parcel, you can use our demo.

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