Paid reply

Use “reply paid” envelopes when sending ads and questionnaires, and give your customers the opportunity to send you information or feedback at no charge. The indication can be used both domestically and internationally.
  • Create a customer-centered image of your enterprise and make it comfortable for your customers to answer to you.

  • Clients of the identification service, the PO BOX service, and the digital Reply paid service are not charged a separate fee for the period of using the label
  • Enter the respondents' details to your customer database and use the reply-paid service, with advertising services.
Terms and prices
  • As of 1 January 2018, the issue of a permit number and the use of postage labels will be for a fee.
  • Applying for a new number of the Reply Paid label will cost 45 euros . The use of the Reply Paid label will cost 110 euros per 4 months and 245 euros per year.

In Service Terms you can find the maximum and minimum weights for “Reply paid” envelopes for sending these in Estonia and other countries. Furthermore, the reply paid shipments are applied the terms of a business letter. Additional Services
How to use the service?
  1. If you would like to use our “Reply-paid” service, you have to become our business customer.
  2. In order to use “Reply-paid” indication, order a corresponding permit from us. The Permit Number is always related to a specific company. If you wish, you can order separate permit numbers to the company's different departments - in this case, departmental posts will be clearly distinguishable on monthly invoices.
  3. The “Reply paid” symbol will be printed beforehand on the envelopes, postcards, or slips, and delivered to the customer together with other consignment inside another envelope, or an advertising catalogue.
  4. The customers will be able to send you feedback for free. You will pay for using the postage label based on the chosen period and each month based on the number of letters returned to you
  5. Reduce manual work in mail management and entering the data and subscribe digitally for customer feedback.

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