Philately terminology

POSTAGE STAMP – a stamp on postal shipments proving the payment of postage fees. A postage stamp is either a small adhesive print or a printed image on the envelope or postcard.

SHEET OF STAMPS – an intact printed postage stamp sheet. A small sheet of stamps usually has 6-10 stamps, a large sheet of stamps usually has 20-25 postage stamps.

MINIATURE SHEET – a sheet with one or several stamps printed on it, surrounded by a designed margin and forming a whole.

STANDARD STAMP – usually a small postage stamp with a large print run that is in use for a long period.

THEMATIC STAMP – a stamp issued to commemorate significant events, anniversaries and topics. Also published in series.

POSTAGE STAMP BOOKLET – a publication including one or several stamps issued in a booklet format.

POSTAL STATIONERY – an envelope or postcard with a stamp printed on it.

MAXIMUM CARD – a postcard with a stamp depicting the post card on it.

SPECIAL STAMP – a stamp which in addition to the main text (date and place) has an additional text and often a topical motif.

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