Sending parcels with higher dimensions

If you need to send parcels with higher dimensions, consider the following information.

Specific weight

If handling high-dimensional parcels, delivery price will be calculated according to specific weight or weight of the parcel, depending on the bigger one. Spesific weight = length x width x height x 250 kg/m3. If the specific weight is bigger than the weight of the parcel, delivery price will be considered after the specific weight of the parcel. However, if the bigger one is the real weight of the parcel, we are considering the delivery price according to the real weight.

Transport courier

Use a transport courier to send the parcel, if the goods a packed and fits to the pallet or the container. Parcels are collected and delivered in work days throughout Estonia. Ask additional information from your customer manager

Multi-parcel delivery

Choose multi-parcel delivery when you need to send 20 parcels at once. This way you will save on the cost of transportation and sending parcels are less expensive. Multi-parcel delivery includes parcels that could weigh up to 2550 kg, sending parcels woth the early courier up to 600 kg.

Formalize the multi-parcel delivery in our self-service website! Introductions of multi-parcel delivery

Placing parcels in the pallets

Place the parcel weighing over 65 kg to the pallet, which enables the treatment and transportation of the parcel. The weight and dimensions of the pallet is included to the weight and dimensions of the parcel. It is possible to choose additional services to the courier service, which are available for buying ensurance, send with cash on delivery, fragile freigh service and so on

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