Additional services

If nescassary, it is possible to choose additional services whens sending the standard parcel.

Notice of issue

Service is available for ordering in the self-service website or in the post office. Notification by an e-mail is 17 cents, notification by SMS 25 cents. VAT is included.

Cash on delivery parcel

If you wish to ask payment for the recipient, order the cash on delivery service. With this servise you authorise us to demand a cash on delivery, before the recipient could collect the parcel, which we then transfer to your bank account. This parcel is available for ordering, if it is formalized in the self-service website or in the post office and the fee is on 1% of the amount required, which is at least 1.30 euros. VAT is not included.

Fragile Freight Service

Order the Fragile Freight Service, if your parcel is fragile. We will note the parcel with a specific marking guaranteeing its careful handling during the treatment and transportation. You can order the service in our self-service website to pre-registered parcels, fee is 1.60 euro including the VAT.


If necessary, you could insurance your parcel. In case of loosing or damaging the parcel we compensate the expenses. Sending a parcel as a national disclosed value parcel, the insurance fee is added to the delivery price, which is 0.5 % of the parcels value.

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