Whistleblowing hotline

Omniva's operations are based on the principles of honesty and transparency, and it is very important that all our people follow ethical values and beliefs. If you notice unethical behaviour, corruption, fraud, breaking the law or any other rules, please give us a notice.

The whistleblowing hotline allows confidential reporting of violations, unethical behaviour or suspected misconduct. The notification system guarantees the anonymity of the whistleblower.

The line is managed by Omniva's Omniva's Internal Audit Department.
In order to provide as accurate information as possible about potential misconduct and thereby contribute to its successful processing, please kindly consider and submit the following information:


Do you want to remain completely anonymous, or are you willing to share your contact information so that a subsequent breach investigator can contact you for additional information or feedback as part of the investigation?


Even in this case, it is guaranteed that the sender of the message will remain anonymous for Omniva's management structures.

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