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Services we mediate

In addition to the post transactions, it is possible to make daily necessary transactions in our post offices. Network of post offices is throughout Estonia and is closer to you then other service providers.

In post offices you have the possibility to purchase tickets to the theatre, concert and to other events, activate an electronic Public Transport Card by virtue of ID card, manage finances, buy lottery tickets and numerous other things.
  • Public Transportation tickets

Electronic card

You can purchase and personalise a Public Transport Card in the post office. The public transport card is 2 euros, and personalization 1 euro. When purchasing the public transport card, you have to submit identification document.

Paper tickets

It is possible to purchase regional and different city transport paper tickets in the post office.


Hunting licence
Hunting licence fee must be paid to receive an hunting licence. Hunting licence fee is of one year, 365 days. A service fee 1.20 euro are added.

Recreational fishing right
If you wish to use different fishing gear, purchase a recreational fishing right from the post office. In addition to the recreational fishing right service charge of 1.20 euros is added. One simple hand line fishing is free of charge and allowed to anyone.


Health insurance fund forms
If there is no service point near your home and you have no opportunity submit document electronically, there is a possibility to fulfill the forms in the post office. At the post office you receive help to fulfill health insurance forms. Client information is available for you for Monday to Friday 8.30-16.30. Call nr 16363

Identity verification
When using identification service, you can do it in our post office. Personal identification document is needed.
  • What to purchase in the post office?

It is possible to purchase packing materials, envelopes, stamps, post cards, mailboxes, lottery tickets, newspapers, magazines, books, phone cards for different operators and numerous food and industrial goods.

Packages and envelopes

Numerous packaging materials are available in the post office:
  • Standard envelopes and bubble wrap envelopes in different measurements
  • Standard boxes and cardboard boxes in different measurements
  • Mailing tubes in different measurements
  • Packaging paper(kraft), corrugated cardboard, bubble wrap, fill pellets
Save packaging fee and use our boxes, mailing tubes, standard envelopes and bubble wrap envelopes for packaging. With our service you can be sure that your shipment is protected and is delivered without damaging the package. If it is not possible to use packages sold in our post office, the packaging fee is according to the packaging service price list.
Plus envelopes

Send letters with plus envelope. On that envelope the stamp image is printed and the selling price also includes the sending fee.

Advantages of a plus envelope:
  • Easy and convenient to use - it is not necessary to buy separate envelopes and stamps, and it is not necessary to waste time on sticking the stamp.
  • There is also no need to worry about the rise of the prices – you can still use plus envelopes when the price lists change
  • The envelope can also be used for sending registered and insured letters- additional payment is for registration and insuring
  • Plus envelopes can be posted like an ordinary letter to all mailboxes
We sell plus envelopes in numerous formats to send both ordinary letters and registered letters. For every plus envelope there is printed information of how heavy letter it could be used to send with.  

The widest selection of mailboxes are on sale in our e-shop, but you can also buy mailboxes at the post office.

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