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Western Union Rushcard

The fastest and safest way to send money to another country is the Western Union rushcard. The delivery time of the money deponds on the working hours of the service office, but usually it shall be delivered to the recipient within a few minutes.

Western Union service is available for use in more than 200 countries and more than 520 000 service offices over the world.

As of 3 March 2022, Western Union transactions with Russia and Belarus (both sending and disbursing money) have been suspended.

When sending and withdrawing money, the limit is 4000 euros per person a day. To send or receive a Western Union rushcard, submit a personal identification document.
What do you need to know to accept Western Union rushcard?
  • Name and a family name of the recipient
  • Expected amount of money (+/- 10%)
  • Country where money was sent from
  • 10-digit control number (MTCN - Money Transfer Control Number)
Good to know!
  • To avoid being a victim of crime follow few simple rules.
    Rules to avoid being a victim of crime
  • When filling the cash card form, avoid corrections, mistakes and overwriting the text
  • Write a recipient’s name on the cash card to avoid problems in the same method as the recipient’s documents

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