E-service is not available at the moment, please try again later.
E-service is not available at the moment, please try again later.
First, register your parcel in our e-service. This will be more convenient than filling in all the information at the post office.

How TO register A parcel In the e-service?

  1. To register your parcel, log in to our e-service. You don't need to enter your information again, as it has already been saved. The e-service also saves all previously used delivery addresses, making it easy to regularly send parcels to the same people without any extra hassle.
  2. Print out the address card and attach it on the parcel. You can also print out the ‘Order information’ for confirmation, and hand over your parcel for a signature at the post office.
  3. Register your parcel in our e-service even if you have no printing options available. We will send you a barcode by text, and our clerk at the post office will use it to print out the address card and confirm that the parcel has been accepted.
Good to know!
  • You can also register a parcel in our e-service that you would like to have packaged at the post office. In such a case, you will only have to pay for the packaging at the post office.
  • At our post office in Tallinn, at Narva mnt as part of our pilot project you can hand over the parcel without standing in line. Our business clients can also use this option in other larger post offices.
  • You can also use additional services – these include handling with care, or a notification by text or e-mail when your parcel has been delivered.
  • E-service does not support sending standard parcels or choosing between different courier methods.
How do I register my parcel at a post office?

Standard parcels with nationally approved prices and conditions can only be sent from a post office. Standard parcels can be insured and sent as ‘cash on delivery’ parcels.

You can also choose between different courier services at the post office. For example, you can request an early delivery, meaning that the parcel will be delivered to a business client between 8am and 10am on the next working day.

Our post-office workers will help you with special requests and delivery methods.

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