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  • Letter – suitable for sending invitations, postcards, documents and other papers, cannot be used for sending objects. Weight up to 250 g, max. 40 pages.
  • Registered letter – different from a standard letter because it is trackable and handed over personally when signed for. Registered mail can be insured.
  • Maxi letter – suitable for sending larger papers and smaller objects such as photos or chocolate. Weight up to 2000 g, max. 160 pages.
  • Registered maxi letter – different from a maxi letter because we will deliver the letter personally when signed for. The shipment can be tracked, the content can be insured and notice of delivery can be added, which means we will let you know when the letter has been delivered to the addressee.
  • NB! Countries where tracking registered mail is not possible
  Letter Registered letter Maxi letter Maxi letter (registered)
Zone I
Zone II

1.90 €
1.90 €

4.55 €
5.70 €
4.85–16.40 €
5.90–21.70 €
(depending on weight)
7.50–19.10 €
8.45–24.60 €
(depending on weight)
Sending items    
Notice of delivery    
Tracking is not available in all countries. You can find the list of countries where the sender cannot track the registered mail they sent from the Omniva webpage HERE

In case of the following countries, you can track the shipment from the country’s own postal service provider website:

Austria (AT) 

Brazil (BR) 

Bulgaria (BG)

Israel (IL) 

Republic of South Africa (ZA)

Serbia (RS)

United Kingdom (GB) 

Chile (CL) 

Belarus (BY) 

Russia (RU) 

Permitted measurements
Letter (incl. registered)
Min. measurements: 90 x 140 mm
Max. measurements: 229 x 324 x 5 mm

Maxi letter (incl. registered)
Min. measurements 90 x 140 mm or when rolled up the sum of twice the diameter totalling 170 mm and the longest dimension 100 mm
Max. measurements: width, length, height total 900 mm; longest side measures 600 mm or when rolled up the sum of the length and twice the diameter totalling 1040 mm; the longest dimension 900 mm

How do you send it?
You can send letters from the e-service, post office or by mailing them via a mailbox. For sending a maxi letter and a registered letter, visit a post office.

When will the letter arrive?
On average, the letter will reach the addressee’s mailbox within 8–10 days, but the times differ per countries.  
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