Additional services

Notice of delivery

When posting a registered letter, the sender can order a notice of delivery, i.e. a delivery confirmation. Confirmations are sent on paper, to e-mail address and/or mobile phone (SMS – message). A notice of delivery provides the sender with detailed overview of the time the shipment was received and by whom. If necessary, it is later possible to identify the exact time and place of the receipt of the letter.
To order a notice of delivery:
  • Without a bill of delivery

    Add the mobile phone number and/or e-mail address to the sender's address. Make a statement at the top centre or at the top corner below the sender address indicating to what kind of a notice of delivery is desired (e.g., an SMS to the sender and/or an e-mail to the sender).

    Ilma saateleheta väljastusteade
  • With a bill of delivery

    note saatelehele the mobile phone number and/or e-mail address to the sender's address to communicate the handing over of the shipment. Make a statement indicating to what kind of a notice of delivery is desired – at the top centre, or in case there is not enough space for it, at the top corner below the sender address.


Cash on delivery

Make the purchase decision-making easier for the customer and give him/her the opportunity to pay for the goods after the receipt. If you have goods sent in a cash on delivery package, your customer pays for the goods on receipt. If you want the recipient to pay for the contents of the mail, order cash-on-delivery service.

When you order this service, you authorize us to collect a specified payment from the recipient, and transfer that sum to your bank account. The service can be ordered at the post office. You need to register the price of the content and pay the fee 1% of the required amount, but not less than 1.30 euros. VAT is not added to the service fee. For international cash-on-delivery shipment contact customer service.

Personal delivery

In case you would like your registered letter to be delivered to the recipient in person (authorization not accepted, neither hanging over to the close persons living at the same address), please note on the package “To be delivered in person”. At the moment, this additional service is free of charge to the sender.


If you send a valuable item, we recommend you to insure the shipment. Insurance shall guarantee our compensation for the loss of or damage to the shipment to the extent of the value you have declared. The insurance fee is always 1% for a domestic shipment and 10% for an international shipment of the value declared by the sender.

The maximum declared value of the domestic shipment can be up to 4,500 euros and 4000 for the international shipment, but may not exceed the actual value of the contents. When sending an international shipment you must first make clear whether insured shipment are permitted in the destination country and in what amount.

Additional contents list shall be drawn up in two copies, listing the items included in the shipment, and their monetary value. One copy of the registered content list shall be included in the shipment, and the second copy shall remain to the sender.

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