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How to send heavy publications?

For sending books, publications and publications, weighing up to 30 kg, abroad use the special solution created for sending heavy publications. The solution can be used to send printed material anywhere overseas, with the exception of the United States and Canada. The size of post items is not limited.


  • It is a good opportunity for libraries and bookstores, for example, to send abroad larger quantities of publications at a time.
  • If you would like to have evidence of the arrival of the shipment, subscribe for registered shipment, and we deliver the packages only upon the signature of the recipient.
  • Order our courier to collect the heavy printed material and do not spend time on taking the shipment to the post office.
  • If you wish, the heavyweight registered shipment can be insured.

How to send?

  • Select appropriate packaging for the publications and pack them. Consignments weighing more than 500 grams shall be packed in two layers of kraft paper or other wrapping paper and tied up or fixed with adhesive tape.
  • Write the sender's and the recipient`s address onto each packet.
  • Add an address tag made of extra strong cardboard, plastic or paper glued on a flat piece of wood, and make a hole it the tag for attaching a string. The address tag has to be at least 90x140 centimetres.
  • If necessary, write special notes on the package.
  • If you send the prints outside the European Union, you have to fill in a customer form CN22 and attach it to the front of the address tag.
  • If the value of the publications to be sent is more than 335 euros, fill in a customs declaration form CN 23, as well.
  • Price list

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