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Omniva operations during the state of emergency

Omniva owns the largest parcel machine network in Estonia that during the state of emergency processes the most parcels. Since the shopping malls were closed, the parcel volumes have exceeded the volumes of last Christmas.
To ensure delivery speed in the state of emergency, we have implemented several new measures and make maximum effort to deliver all parcels quickly to the clients. Our couriers fill the parcel machines several times per day and also on weekends, additionally we have increased the capacities of popular parcel machines and opened temporary contact free parcel points. From the record volumes 85% of parcels reach the clients within 3 days, the rest of the parcels are delivered mostly at the latest within 5 days.
Every day, the state of emergency brings several unexpected changes that could affect national and international parcel movement. Therefore, we rely on your understanding if a parcel should take a little longer to arrive.  It is also worth keeping in mind that many online stores take slightly longer than usual to prepare and ship the orders. 
  • Please pick up the parcel from the parcel machine as soon as possible. This will allow us to quickly deliver the next customers’ parcels.
  • We recommend that the clients order their e-purchases to the parcel machine – the parcel machine requires no human contact, the screen can be used wearing gloves and contactless payment can be used for paying.
  • We recommend contacting the customer support if the parcel’s arrival to the parcel machine has delayed for more than 5 days.
  • During the state of emergency, due to the increased volume, it is not possible to reroute the parcel in the parcel machine to a post office or have the courier deliver it.
  • Due to the extraordinarily large parcel volumes, Omniva is also temporarily distributing parcel machine parcels from temporary parcel points. Handing over of the parcel is done the same way at the parcel point as at the parcel machine - based on SMS, in open air and contact free.
  • NB! Since we have opened several temporary locations for issuing the parcels, we ask our clients to pay attention to the location in the parcel notice.
  • Delivery of international shipments to some countries is complicated both when arriving in Estonia and leaving the country due to disrupted air traffic. The border controls applied for ground transport also affect the delivery times of international shipments. Thus, we ask you to consider the extended shipping times of international parcels (precise information here).

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