Omniva operations during the state of emergency

Our couriers already empty the parcel machines several times per day and the most popular ones on Sundays. You can also help with faster parcel delivery - as soon as you receive the parcel SMS, come and get your parcel quickly!
When ordering or sending parcels, prefer parcel machines - these are accessible 24/7, located outside where there are fewer people and the risk of infection is lower.
It is possible to check from the Omniva website map application which parcel machines have a queue and select the nearest alternative. We recently added a tag for overcapacity parcel machines to our website map application and to the e-stores with automatic data exchange. We deliver a record volume of parcels before Christmas, which is why some of the more popular parcel machines may develop a parcel queue.
We are expanding the largest parcel machines network in Estonia even further. We are adding more lockers to the parcel machines with heavy traffic. Omniva has the largest parcel machine network in Estonia, find the one nearest to you from the map. Did you know that the parcel machine also reached places like Kambja and Abja-Paluoja recently?
We recommend that clients order their e-purchases to a parcel machine which requires no human contact, the screen can be used wearing gloves and contactless payment is also available.
Our employees clean the parcel machine screen, screen edges and payment terminal surface with disinfectant every time they use it.
All Omniva couriers' handheld devices have the HOIA app, which lets you know quickly if you have been near anyone infected with COVID-19. Download the HOIA app from The more people who use the app, the better we can map those in contact with infected persons and restrict the spread of the virus.
Omniva parcel buses help to issue parcels in popular areas with a lot of parcels. Past years have shown that despite of constant expansions and busy service, some parcel machines will still be too small before the Christmas season. Such fast and flexible solutions help us to deliver up to 1500 additional parcels a day.
Coronavirus also affects international post and parcel traffic.

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