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Omniva invests over half a million euros into frontline employees’ raise

Omniva, the Estonian Communications and Service Workers Trade Union (ESTAL) and Estonian Transport and Road Workers Trade Union (ETTA) signed an agreement according to which the salary of nearly 1000 front line employees will be raised in 2020. The minimum basic salary will increase by up to 12% and on average 6.2%.

According to Omniva member of the board Kaida Kauler, the competitive salary of the front line employees is very important for the company; therefore, next year, more than half a million euros is added to the salary fund of these workers. “Salaries of the front line employees are not the place where a company should save. We employ hundreds of mail carriers, mail couriers, post office clerks and mail processors. We want to pay a worthy salary for their work,” Kauler said.

“We have raised the salaries of the mail workers every year and plan to continue doing this. For this purpose, we need to continue coming up with solutions to make the mail service fees cost-based and put the current postal network into more effective use,” Kauler added.

According to Kadri Kangur, chairman of ESTAL, the complex situation of the post segment also affects negotiations but this time the trade unions and the employer clearly shared a common goal – making the salaries of postal workers more competitive. “The Postal Act needs updating and the last time was stamp price was amended was in 2016. Only the resources obtained from the price increase in newspaper and magazine home delivery allow the employer to contribute more to the salaries of the employees. This allows us to mitigate any labour force shortage and provide a higher quality service, which is in the interests of all postal service consumers,” Kangur said.

“For 2020, we have agreed on such a raise for mail carriers, which is far above the state minimum wage,” said Kangur, according to whom the aim of the trade unions was to reduce the salary differences between regions and better consider the requirements set for positions, skills and responsibility. “This agreement is a great step towards reducing differences between regions.”

“It is unfortunate that our sister union PAU in Finland did not manage to agree on work conditions by negotiations. We support their demands in every way and hope they reach a solution satisfactory for all parties soon,” Kangur added.

The salary raises are enforced at different times during 2020. The change and time of this change in a specific employee’s salary depends on their position, as well as on the employee’s current salary level.

Salary increase needs considered solutions by the company because personnel costs grow every year and need to be covered in a situation where the postal business volumes are on the decline and the fixed costs seem to be rising.

Increase in the income of the front line employees is significant for Omniva; therefore, the company takes maximum measures every year to raise the basic salaries of the employees and keep the salary levels of the front line workers considerably above the national minimum.


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