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Multimailbox project won at the world’s event marketing top competition

The Multimailbox project organised in collaboration with Eesti Post and the event marketing agency Royal Experience, and held within the Let’s Do It community activities day, won first place among low budget events at the global event marketing competition BEA World.

The projects were presented to the jury consisting of event marketing experts of the world and the winners of categories were announced at the international BEA World event and live communication festival award ceremony in Milan.

According to Mattias Kaiv, head of media relations at Eesti Post, the project offered strong competition at the top of the event world. “The Multimailbox project clearly stands out among other projects because it requires the common contribution and collaboration of the community, companies, employees, the state and the partners. The project’s success is also highlighted by the fact that it is becoming an annual tradition that is eagerly anticipated,” Kaiv added.

“It is clear that the experts are looking for results based on numbers and facts when deciding the best projects and we have plenty of both when it comes to the Multimailbox project. Involving our own people, using the existing network and connecting with historical traditions have provided impressive results,” Royal Experience creative director Lehari Kaustel added.

With the Multimailbox project, Eesti Post called communities to organise their tired mailboxes and paint them in the traditional colours of local parishes. The project was part of the EV100 gift for Estonia’s 100th birthday, creating a decent public space and adding cultural heritage to our daily lives. More than 3000 households have received a new and proper mailbox in two years and the colourful mailboxes received lots of attention in the media and social media, not to mention in real life. Replacing individual mailboxes with multi mailboxes has also increased the effectiveness of mail carrier rounds and contributed to saving the environment and making mail carrying faster.

BEA World is an initiative that introduces the best event marketing and live communication projects and events. Agencies from 37 countries participate in the BEA World Festival and it is considered the greatest and highest recognition in the event marketing industry.

In addition to the Multimailbox project, the Tallinn Digital Summit 2018, organised by Jolos Agency from Estonia, also won in its own category. The Transferwise summer outing organised by Jolos reached the top three in the incentive/team-building category.

Previously, the Multimailbox project has been awarded the Grand Prix at the international event marketing competition Baltic-Nordic Event Awards and the title of best private sector campaign at the “Communication Project of 2018” communication competition.


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