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This week, international parcels will start to be delivered to parcel machines country-wide

Starting Monday, Omniva will begin delivering international parcels to parcel machines on Saaremaa Island, in Narva and all areas of Tallinn where the service was previously not provided. Over the week, all other areas in Estonia where Omniva has already installed parcel machines will be added.
In future, the parcel machines will also be assigned service areas, just like the post offices have currently. This means that there will be a parcel machine corresponding to any address in a given area. If the parcel is of a suitable size, a telephone number is marked on the parcel, and the parcel machine in the area has free space, then the customer can retrieve the parcel more easily from the parcel machine.
According to the head of Omniva’s parcel machine network Evert Rööpson, the changeover to deliveries via parcel machine in three areas of Tallinn have thus far been successful. “Changing over to delivering parcels to machines has helped us to get the parcels to customers faster and more conveniently for the customer, and thus the new system has drawn totally positive feedback,” said Rööpson.
People in Estonia love parcel machines. Therefore, it could happen that a customer’s “usual” home parcel machine is full. But there is no reason to worry – in such case, keeping speed in mind, we can deliver your parcel to another parcel machine nearby or to a post office, just like before. In such case we of course take into consideration that the new destination would not be too far from the customer’s residence.
If the parcel nevertheless arrives at a parcel machine that is unsuitable for the customer, the parcel can be directed to another parcel machine or post office free of charge. Also, if the customer does not want their parcels to go to parcel machines instead of the post office, they can inform Omniva customer service via telephone and in future, their parcels will arrive only at the post office. In such case the call should be made from the same number that is the contact number for the parcels.
Since the most frequent issue with forwarding parcels to the parcel machine is a missing telephone number, it is wise to stress to the sender that they should add the receiver’s telephone number as well. With many e-vendors, adding a telephone number is the norm, but with some it would be wise to highlight it separately in the order comment section. One should certainly keep in mind that an Estonian, Latvian or Lithuanian cell phone number must be marked on the parcels routed to a parcel machine. Otherwise the parcel cannot be sent to the parcel machine.
Since the parcel machine lockers have limited space, the larger parcels that do not fit in the parcel machine will still arrive at a post office or will be delivered home via courier service. If conditions permit, a small parcel will still be mailed to the customer’s mailbox to save space in the parcel machines. However, a small parcel with measures that allow it to be mailed to a mailbox may sometimes end up at a post office or a parcel machine if it’s registered mail.


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