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Love for parcels in the countryside makes the parcel machines grow

Parcel machines in Väike-Maarja, Tamsalu and Karksi-Nuia have turned out to be immensely popular among the locals. To meet the love for parcels at these locations, Omniva adds lockers to the popular parcel machines. 

According to Omniva Parcel Machine Network Manager Evert Rööpson, the listed parcel machines show that ordering and sending parcels with the machine is popular in these locations around the year. “We see that the options of e-commerce expand to rural areas with the parcel machines. The parcel machines have turned out to be so popular that during busier parcel sending periods, we have been short of lockers,” Rööpson said. “To make sure no parcel remains unsent, we have added lockers to these machines.”

Today, on 5 June, the parcel machines in Väike-Maarja and Karksi-Nuia are expanded, and the one in Tamsalu will be upgraded on Monday, 10 June. The expansion work starts at 10 am and during the work, using the parcel machine may be interrupted. By evening, the larger parcel machine will be ready to accept parcels and deliver them to clients again. All clients whose parcels are in the machine during the work are also informed of the work via text.

July will mark the start of testing of a sorting line where the line will determine whether all conditions for sending the parcel to a locker have been met, regardless of the parcel’s country of origin. That means that shipments from Amazon, Aliexpress, eBay or another online retailer abroad can be delivered straight to a parcel machine, no matter where in Estonia the recipient is located. The only conditions are that the recipient’s telephone number be marked on the parcels, the parcel must be a suitable size for being deposited in a parcel machine and there must be a parcel machine nearby with free lockers.  

Parcel machines have become the preferred delivery option for the people in the Baltics thanks to their quick expansion and convenience of use. In addition to parcel machines being understandable to the young and the old, they are also open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. This means the client no longer depends on the opening hours of the post office or the courier’s route, and the parcel procedures can be done at the most convenient time. Love for parcel machines is also highlighted by the fact that when Omniva called everyone to mark down their parcel machine request, nearly 20,000 people responded.

Omniva wishes to bring parcel machines close to everyone, focussing on locations with considerable demand and need. Today, Omniva has nearly 250 parcel machines in Estonia, and more than 550 in the Baltic States. More information about Omniva parcel machine locations is available on the Omniva webpage.


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