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Mikk Tamme starts leading the Omniva information business

As of 10 July, Mikk Tamme starts leading Omniva’s information business segment. Omniva information business is a leading e-invoice operator in the Baltic States.
According to Omniva board member Jaan Sildam, experience in exciting business segments and in communicating with international partners were the greatest factors in favour of Tamme. “I believe that Mikk’s determination and previous experience in business development are what will help our information business, which is still in its start-up phase, and its team reach their full potential,” Sildam said.
According to Tamme, he was compelled by the chance to help the Omniva information business team and business to grow and blossom. “My interest is to offer better opportunities to the information business team and clients through growing volume and profitability. I consider it important to always be a few steps ahead of the clients and offer them a service they need in future, not just today,” Tamme said.
Tamme has previously worked at Mobi Lab, where he helped the Estonian IT company to set sail in international waters. Before that, Tamme helped to supply software to Pakistan, Mexico and elsewhere in the world with Regio/Reach U, and he led the Estonian gene technology company Asper Biotech, which also offers its services and technology across the world. Additionally Tamme has organised business and study trips to Germany, Singapore, Malaysia, Switzerland and many other countries over the past ten years.
Tamme obtained his bachelor’s degree at the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga, majoring in economy and business management. He has expanded his knowledge of management, social sciences and organisation strategy at St Petersburg University, the National University of Singapore and the London School of Economics and Political Science.


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