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Omniva invites to mark parcel machine requests on a map

In November, Omniva will start the largest parcel machine expansion project in history, adding 100 parcel machines to Estonia. In order to bring world-class technology to convenient locations as close to people as possible, Omniva invites everyone to mark their desired locations of parcel machines on a map.
In the beginning of 2018, Omniva had 132 parcel machines in Estonia; by the end of the year, that number will increase to 250. People are invited to mark down locations of parcel machines that would be most suitable for them. As part of the expansion, Omniva will reach many smaller settlements, where parcel machines have not been available so far.
‘One of the most important advantages of parcel machines is that its use is quick, convenient, simple, and not dependent on the time of day. We wish to give people the opportunity to voice their opinions on the new locations of parcel machines; therefore, we invite them to mark down the best location for a parcel machine in their neighbourhood,’ said Evert Rööpson, head of Omniva’s parcel machine network. ‘This way, people have a direct method of showing us the locations where parcel machines are awaited most and we can take their wishes into consideration in the future.’
According to Rööpson, the 100 parcel machines to be installed this year are only the beginning. ‘We will store people’s suggestions of parcel machine locations also for the coming years. If the machines do not reach the desired destinations this year, we will take the suggestions into consideration for future expansions,’ Rööpson explained.
As more than 80% of people prefer parcel machines for sending and receiving parcels, Omniva aims to act in accordance with the people’s wishes. ‘Currently, nine out of ten people go to post offices to receive their parcels. At the same time, eight of those nine would prefer to receive their parcels from a parcel machine. For that, however, the machine should be as close to their home as possible,’ Rööpson added.
You can mark your suggestion for a suitable location of a parcel machine anywhere in Estonia at www.Omniva.ee/100automaati. In order to see smaller settlements and villages, you will need to zoom in on the map, as there is currently no search function on the application. The installation of new parcel machines will begin in early November. Those who mark down their suggestion on the map and leave their e-mail address will be notified automatically if a parcel machine is installed near their suggested location.
Omniva plans to add new parcel machines to cities as well as smaller settlements. The first parcel machines will be installed in locations where they are most needed and demanded. People in places such as Puhja, Koeru, Sauga, Nõo, Käina, and many other smaller settlements that did not have parcel machines before can already use the technology.


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