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Omniva to pilot parcel lockers located near home

Omniva, the largest postal and logistics company in Estonia, is about to pilot Cleveron parcel lockers, or home parcel machines, in order to test it as one of the possible future solutions for delivering shipments.
Chairman of the Management Board of Omniva Ansi Arumeel said that Omniva believes in the so-called last mile automation solutions, and tests the promising innovative solutions of this field. “A parcel locker that is situated near home is an innovative option for getting closer to customers and provide them with a convenient service, where a person does not wait for a parcel but the parcel waits for the person,” Arumeel said. “The popularity of parcel machines in all Baltic countries has already proven itself. A parcel locker near home adds extra comfort.”

In the first stage, the pilot project of Omniva covers parcel lockers installed for a limited number of addresses in Viljandi, operating as delivery points for the shipments ordered via a courier. Furthermore, postal items (regular mail, periodicals, direct mail) of the addresses participating in the pilot project will also be delivered to the parcel locker to ensure that a customer can collect both mail and parcels from a single place.
“Omniva is an innovative company and it tests several different solutions, which can be of interest to customers and simplify delivery of shipments. The pilot project of parcel lockers aims at receiving feedback on customer willingness to use the service,” Arumeel noted.  
Last year, Omniva launched a pilot project in Kakumäe, Tallinn, to test delivery of parcels by means of Starship parcel robots. 



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