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In December, Omniva gives lots of joy to customers from receiving presents

In December, the volumes of parcels in post offices and parcel machines are increasing manifold, which is why Omniva is encouraging people to collect their parcels from the post office or parcel machine as soon as possible. Additionally, people should keep in mind that when visiting the post office or calling customer support, there might be longer waiting lines.
According to Eve Vuks, Head of Omniva’s Retail Network Unit, it is clear that the parcel volumes of the Christmas season have arrived. “The November parcel volumes of this year exceeded the volumes of last year’s Christmas month by 37%,” says Vuks.
In addition, the record week, which was previously the week before Christmas last year, was exceeded this past week by 20%. “I am really happy to see that customers are sending each other an unprecedented number of parcels by using Omniva. As early as in the middle of November, we were only a couple of hundred parcels short of a record week,” says Vuks.
According to Vuks, unusually large parcel volumes do not come as a surprise for the company. “We find it important that even during periods of larger parcel volumes, we are able to deliver all parcels on time,” says Vuks. Vuks explained that the company has recruited extra temporary staff to handle these volumes. “We hope that the customers meet us halfway and collect their parcels as soon as possible from both the post office and parcel machine to make room for others,” adds Vuks.
Some post offices are gradually facing the situation where there is no space in storerooms to keep the customers’ parcels. “People are very active in ordering parcels, although, they tend to delay collecting them,” says Vuks. Therefore, Vuks admits that hundreds of parcels are already awaiting for their owners in the storerooms of several post offices.
Popular parcel machines are also not big enough during the Christmas period. Despite the fact that the company has constantly increased the capacity of the most popular parcel machines and installed new machines in new locations, the machines, according to Vuks, do not have enough space for all the parcels during the pre-Christmas period. This is why there are Omniva couriers at the most popular parcel machines to hand the parcels over to people on site.
In December, the parcel volumes increase manifold compared to other periods. The parcel volumes of last December were already exceeded this November; thus, a further increase is expected this year.
The parcel volumes began to show a growing trend as early as in October. This trend will continue until Christmas. The highlight of the volumes usually arrives in the two weeks before Christmas when Omniva services tens of thousands of parcels and about a hundred thousand letters a day. During this period, Omniva expects its customers to be understanding and asks them to collect their parcels from the parcel machines and post offices as soon as possible. People are also expected to keep in mind longer waiting times in post offices and customer support.


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