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Cash can now also be ordered to your doorstep via mail carriers

On the last week of April, Eesti Post began providing the service of cash disbursements via mail carriers in order to improve the availability of cash in rural areas.

The Head of Postal Services of Eesti Post Kaido Padar said that the enterprise has received feedback from local governments that the only places for cash withdrawal are post offices and upon replacing them with postal points, people will no longer have the opportunity to withdraw cash.

“Although financial services are not the main activity of the enterprise, and we continue focusing on postal and logistical products, we understand people’s concerns and wish to help,” Padar said.

Therefore, the enterprise developed a new solution, enabling customers to order cash to their doorsteps via a mail carrier.

“We have a network covering the entire territory of Estonia and Eesti Post mail carriers get to all mail boxes six days a week – that network can also be used for cash disbursements,” Padar added.

To order the cash disbursement service, the client must first notify Omniva. Delivery details will then be agreed with the client. The mail carrier will have the use of a portable card payment terminal and the transaction will be made at the home of the client. To use the service, the client must have a bank card and the necessary pin numbers.

Additional information on cash disbursements via mail carriers is available here.


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