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E-commerce increased the volume of cross-border mail

Thanks to the increasingly popular e-commerce, the turnover of international items of correspondence and small packages, which were mediated by Omniva last year, grew bigger than that of the domestic shipments.

“The impact of e-commerce on our daily activities has increased over the past few years and in terms of the company’s history, 2014 will indicate the breakpoint, where the international letters and small packages accounted for a greater part of the company’s turnover than domestic shipments. It can be said that the national post company has turned into an international logistics enterprise,” Board Member of Omniva Ansi Arumeel said.

With regard to shipping abroad from Estonia, the main destination countries include Finland, Germany, Norway, Sweden, and the USA. Compared to 2013, the volumes of shipments to all countries increased last year. The volumes of shipments to Germany and Norway increased by more than two times. According to Arumeel, the volumes are growing in connection with the interest of the Estonian trading companies in expanding their services to adjacent markets. The articles sent abroad from Estonia mainly include cosmetic and herbal products, as well as sporting goods.

Small items, however, mainly arrive to Estonia from China, Great Britain, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, and the USA. For example, the amount of postal items arrived from China increased 70% compared to 2013. “The consumers are looking for more affordable purchase places and have turned their gaze towards Asian markets,” Arumeel said.

The number of packages sent via parcel machine increased 39% in Estonia in 2014 compared to the previous year. In Latvia, the volumes of packages increased more than three and in Lithuania, more than two times. Consequently, Omniva also expanded its network of parcel machines both in Estonia and Latvia over the past year. After the expansion, Omniva has a total of 189 parcel machines in the Baltic countries, 98 of them are located in Estonia – it is the largest network of parcel machines both in Estonia and the Baltic countries.

The volume of paper documents and postcards sent by mail decreased 10%, but at the same time, the volume of delivered small items and plastic cards increased over the last year. The volume of plastic cards, for example, debit cards and driving licences sent by mail, increased 28% last year. “On one hand, it is convenient for the consumer, who prefers to order a driving licence or a debit card home via mail, rather than go to the Estonian Motor Vehicle Registration Centre or a bank office. On the other hand, it is also comfortable and effective for the card issuing authority,” Arumeel said.

Today, Omniva receives already 50% of the letters forwarded by companies as electronic data, rather than printed on paper. “We print and then post them,” Arumeel explained. A year ago, the percentage of such letters was 36%.

However, sending personalised Christmas greetings and wishes by mail was more popular this winter than a year ago – 10% more Christmas cards and wishes were sent by mail compared to 2013.


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