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Senders should also add a country to the postal address

During the recent weeks, postal employees have caught many letters and postcards addressed to foreign countries that include a street name and a city, but no country.

“This probably means that people haven’t sent postcards for a while but have re-discovered this cute tradition on the Christmas month and just forgotten to include the country in the address,“ says Kaido Padar, the head of Post’s mail services. Meanwhile, identifying the country of destination takes time, meaning the recipient will have to wait longer for their letter.

Correct address includes the Receiver’s name, street, house or apartment number, or outside of settlements, name of the village and municipality, postal code, town or county and, in case of international mail, country.  

Guidelines for correct addressing can be found at Omniva’s webpage at: www.omniva.ee/business/letter/addressing_and_packaging

Meanwhile Padar urged those who wish to send international holiday greetings to hurry.  “This weekend is probably the latest for posting your holiday greetings to friends and family living in a different country,” Padar added.

Mail volumes increase remarkably in December – twice as much mail is sent during the Christmas than on any other month, and this year the number has already been slightly higher than on the previous year.

On the Christmas month, many Estonian post offices are also open for longer hours. For example, on workdays people can pick up their parcels from Tallinn’s post office (Narva Rd 1) until 10.00 PM in the evening or visit the post office at weekends. Many other post offices across the Estonia are also open for longer hours.

„It is definitely wise to avoid long lines and, for example, visit your local post office on a Sunday,“ suggested Padar.

List of post offices that are open for longer hours can be found at Omniva’s webpage at: www.omniva.ee/about_us/news/all_news/the_larger_post_offices_will_be_open_longer_in_december

Those who wish to completely avoid the holiday rush can mail their shipments from Omniva’s parcel machines that can be easily accessed around the clock.


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