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Omniva’s Board elected Jürgen Ligi as Chairman of the Board

The parliament National Defence Committee’s Chairman Jürgen Ligi, who is a part of the Reformierakond was elected to be the Chairman of the Board by the Omniva’s Board that gathered on this Friday.
“Omniva has gone through a remarkable adaptation with the changing environment during these past few years. The development however continues – towards the companies’ digital business, solidifying the Baltic market and improving economic results. Leading such a company’s Board is exciting and responsible,” said Ligi.
In addition to Jürgen Ligi, Mailis Alt, Raul Kudre, Mario Lambing, Toomas Leito, Lauri Paeveer and Tauno Tuula are a part of the Omniva’s Board.
AS Eesti Post belongs to the Omniva concern as the parent company and also AS Maksekeskus in Estonia, Omniva UAB in Lithuania and Omniva SIA in Latvia as subsidiaries. Omniva employs around 2600 people in all three countries combined.
AS Eesti Post’s business revenues were 56 million euros in total in 2013, business revenues were 53.7 million euros in total and net income was 2.3 million euros during the last year. The company paid 400 thousand euros to the country’s national budget as dividends and also 106 thousand euros as income tax from the dividends.


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