E-store and parcel machine help to avoid infection hazard

According to head of Omniva parcel business Andre Veskimeister, the coronavirus outbreak has revealed the hidden advantages of Estonian e-commerce. “Online shopping and unmanned shipping channels are currently the safest way to purchase goods,” Veskimeister said.

Since the virus spreads via respiratory droplets most likely from person to person, then shopping online and receiving the goods via unmanned shipping channels, i.e. the parcel machine is significantly safer for people than visiting a shopping mall. “Today, it is possible to purchase copious amounts of goods without the need to come into direct contact with any person,” Veskimeister added.

The fact that the parcel machines are mostly located outside, where the concentration of people is lower as well as the risk of infection, also speaks in their favour. “Omniva cleans the touchscreens of the parcel machines regularly, but you can also use the parcel machine without any physical contact with the publicly used surfaces.  Omniva parcel machine touchscreen can be used with gloves and you can use contactless payment at all parcel machines,” Veskimeister added.

According to Veskimeister, the company considers the health of the employees and clients important and therefore has decided to rather take more steps to minimise the threat, than less.

“If we want to avoid the fast spread of this virus, we must be very proactive with measures taken. All measures that help to prevent the virus from spreading are correct and necessary,” Veskimeister said.

To ensure safety, the company has cancelled all business trips abroad and visits from foreign partners. Also, additional surface cleaning is done on production surfaces, and the importance of hand hygiene is emphasised.

If a client is sick (including any common cold) and they are expecting a courier delivery, the company also recommends directing this delivery to the parcel machine to prevent any viruses from spreading. If necessary, the storage deadline of a parcel already in a parcel machine can be extended until the patient is feeling well again.


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