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How to order press publications?

What publications are available for ordering?

With our help you can order variety of magazines and newspapers of the world.
Price of orders

Formalize your order in the post office or ask help from your customer manager. Price of publications depends on the publication and order periods. If you do not wish to place an orders one by one, deliver publication list to us and we will do it for you.
  1. How to place an order in the post office?
    Ordering from the post office, you can introduce with publications and ask advice from the attendant. Payment for the publication can be made with cash or by credit card. To use business client credit, enter into a contract with us in the self-service website and make payments for magazines once a month on the basis of an invoice.
  2. How to order numerous publications at once?
    As a business client you can order numerous publications at once and do not have to choose publications one by one. Payments can be made with an invoice or using business client credit. Submit the list of publications to your customer manager or to the post office. If necessary, customer manager can offer you advice. Additional charge is added when ordering in the basis of publication list.
Good to know
  • You can order newspapers and magazines for a gift to other person. The data of subscriber and recipient, can be different.
  • As a business client you use also business client credit when ordering publications from post offices and on the basis of the publication list. To enter into an agreement in the self-service website contact us in 6643673 or with an e-mail [email protected]
  • If necessary, you can ask advice from your customer manager when ordering newspapers or magazines

For how long it is possible to order periodicals?

Periodicls are available for ordering different periods. The minimum ordering period could be for example 6 or 12 months. Publication shall fix the ordering period.

Ordering period begins usually from the first day of the calendar month. You can choose from which calendar month publication will be delivered to you.

Daily/ weekly periodicals
  • If you place and order before Thursday, the order will enter into force from the following Monday
  • If you place and order after Thursday, the order will enter into force the following week after the next

Periodicals published less than once a week
  • If you place and order before the 15th, the order will enter into force starting from the following month. With numerous periodicals you can place an order untik the 20th-
  • If you place and order depending on the publication in the 15th or in the 20th, the order will enter into force the following month after the next

It is possible to order many periodicals only for a year. If the end of the ordering period stays in the following year, we might ask you to shorten the period in the end of the current year.

Ask more information about the time when ordered publication will be delivered to your mailbox from post office or mail man.

How to change your order?

It is possible to readdress, stop or cancel the order by submitting an application in the post office. Changing the order is 1,20 euro (includes VAT).
  • Readdressing
    Directing the order to another address or to other recipient during the ordering period
  • Stopping
    Stopping the order for three months. The final date of the order will be delayed.
  • Cancelling
    Cancelling the publication from the required date. Prepayment for this time is refundable.

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