E-service is not available at the moment, please try again later.
E-service is not available at the moment, please try again later.
First, register your parcel on our e-service. This will be more convenient than filling in all the information at the post office.
  1. Register your parcel on our e-service before sending. You can choose between different terms, print out an address card and a delivery note. Register your parcel on the e-service with the help of our guide.
  2. If you often send multiple parcels, you can synchronise your systems with ours so that information about your parcels reaches us automatically. You can specify the format of your address card so you can print out address cards and delivery notes from your own system in the future.
  3. You can also let our employees take care of registering your parcel. An additional registration fee of 26 cents + VAT applies to this service. The most convenient method is to print out the address card before sending the parcel, avoiding the time-consuming procedures in the post office.
How do I start using e-services?
If you wish to use our e-service you must enter a business customer agreement. To do this, log in to our e-service as a private customer and add a company that you represent. After that, you will need to digitally sign the contract. You can also contact our client manager or calling 664 3444 to request to enter a business customer agreement.
How do I send multiple parcels at once?
If you wish to send multiple parcels at the same time, you can use our shipment consignments and delivery to post office options. You can enter an agreement to use these services either by contacting our client manager or calling 664 3444.

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