E-service is not available at the moment, please try again later.
E-service is not available at the moment, please try again later.
Ask a courier to pick up your parcel to avoid wasting your own time. As our business customer, you will have access to courier services via the e-service, web form, e-mail or phone.

How do I register the parcel for courier delivery?

  1. Register the parcel in our e-service before sending. You can choose between different terms and print out an address card and a delivery note. Register your parcel in the e-service with the help of our guide.
  2. If you often send multiple parcels, you can synchronize your systems with ours so that the information about your parcels reaches us automatically. You can specify the format of your address card so you can print out address cards and delivery notes from your own system in the future.
  3. Print out an address card or write the address on the parcel before sending. If you wish to hand over multiple parcels, make sure you attach address cards to every parcel before you give them to the courier. You can also give the courier a delivery note.
  1. A shipment is considered to be large and must be picked up by a category C vehicle if:

    – the weight of an individual shipment is more than 30 kg;
    – the combined volume of shipments is from 1.2 m × 0.8 m × 0.9 m;
    – the combined weight of shipments is 100 kg or more.
  2. Large shipments must be placed on a pallet and wrapped in plastic.
  3. If a category B vehicle has been ordered for the shipment (for both permanent and one-time orders), but a category C vehicle is required, the change must be notified at least two hours before picking up the shipment.
  4. To cancel a pick-up order, the account manager must be notified at least two hours before the agreed pick-up time.
How do I start using e-services?

If you wish to use our e-service, you must enter a business customer agreement. To do this, log in to our e-service as a private customer and add a company that you represent. After that, you will need to digitally sign the contract.

You can also contact our client manager or call 664 3444 to request to enter a business customer agreement.
Good to know!
You can use courier services only if you are a business customer.

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