E-service is not available at the moment, please try again later.
E-service is not available at the moment, please try again later.
    Give the customer the opportunity to return the goods free of charge, if necessary. To this end, choose the additional service of returning to accompany the shipment.
    Add Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian and Finnish bank links and Visa/MasterCard payments to your online sales platform without the need to sign contracts with multiple different banks.
    We have incorporated the most important information in the e-service user manuals. The support material with screen images helps to find the necessary functions quickly.
    Pack your shipment in a way that it would not be damaged during transportation – this way, your customer is happy to receive the parcel.

    It is possible to send the goods to the parcel machine from another post office, another parcel machine or by courier. The parcel machines are open 24 hours a day and easily accessible by a car and a bicycle. Shipments that have been entered before the evening emptying will be in all parcel machines over Estonia (including islands) already the next morning. In addition to Estonia, parcel machines are also located in Latvia and Lithuania.
    If you haven't used a parcel machine before, you can try sending, returning or accepting a parcel here.

    Sending the goods from parcel machine to parcel machine is the most beneficial for you

    Parcels dispatched in the evening will be delivered to your customer already on the next day

    Our parcel machines are open 24 hours a day

    We have the biggest parcel machine network in Estonia and the Baltic countries
  • Courier

    With us you can send your shipments to over 64 countries worldwide. In Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, we will deliver your shipments already during the next day. You can hand all your shipments over to our courier at once, which helps you to save time.
    Read more about international courier shipments here.

    Our couriers quickly deliver your parcels anywhere in the Baltic countries

    We do not add additional fees for fuel if you know how to accurately plan your monthly logistics expenses

    Courier service is the most convenient way for your customer to receive the shipment

    Customer ordered parcel can be sent to any post office. If you know the customer’s address, we will send it to the customer’s local post office. If you make the list of post offices available in your ordering environment, the customer can choose from which post office to receive the parcel. In this case, the customer does not have to enter the address, since the mobile number is sufficient.
    More information on the parcel services of the post office is available here.

    It is possible to send the parcel to more than 300 post offices all over Estonia

    You can choose the most suitable packaging for your parcel from the post office

    You can send the parcel to all post offices in the world – from Latvia to Vanuatu

    Parcel can be sent to the post office by courier, from the parcel machine or post office.

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